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Beyond purchasing assistive devices for special needs individuals, the Suzy Foundation uses its resources to spread awareness and create safe, fun, and welcoming events for individuals with special needs. Suzy Foundation started the Tempe Adaptive Adventure Day, All Ability 5K, Suzy Swap, Sensory Santa, and more to create a community for families impacted by diagnoses of all kinds.

Suzy Foundation Annual Events

Tempe Adaptive Adventure Day, also known as T.A.A.D is a welcoming event created to offer individuals with special needs the chance to engage in various outdoor activities. This free event is dedicated to encouraging physical exercise, social interaction, and overall well-being for people of all ages and abilities. Participants can take part in a variety of adaptive activities including crafts, sensory play, golf, and more, with support available to accommodate different needs. The goal was to provide families with a day to unwind, have fun, and connect with like-minded community members. 

Suzy Foundation All Ability 5k is an annual event that aims to show support and appreciation for individuals of all abilities. This event brings people together to take part in a fun and inclusive activity, honoring individuals with special needs. Participants of all ages and abilities, from those with physical disabilities to those facing developmental challenges, come together in a supportive and empowering setting. Our goal is for every participant to feel like a winner, regardless of whether they walk, run, or roll across the finish line, as each person will be celebrated and awarded a medal.

Suzy Swap

The Suzy Swap is a Facebook group that allows families with individuals with special needs to swap gently used assistive devices for free. Our initiative stemmed from recognizing the families’ desire to explore various devices before making a purchase and a need to get rid of extra diapers, strollers, wheelchairs and more that their family members have outgrown. The Suzy Swap started as an annual event held in the front yard of Jaime’s (founder of the Suzy Foundation) house. We just didn’t have the space or manpower to keep this going. We also realized people needed this event all year long! So, we aimed to provide a platform for families to give back to others. This online group serves as a valuable resource for sharing ideas and support

. Families can access the group 24/7, ensuring they don’t have to wait if an item is available. 

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